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Rua Visconde de Pirajá, 529


MARIAS is a project that enables you to live the best Rio has to offer.
Quality of life on your work environment, bringing the inspiration of a postcard to your routine.

The sea breeze, the ocean’s waves and the lightness that lives in the carioca lifestyle. An encounter between well-being and exclusivity. All these delights added up to an area full of facilities are a step in the right direction. Everything you need, you find in Ipanema.

Mozak launches its new design-corporate building in Ipanema.

26 offices and 1 store.

Antecipate the launch!


More exclusivity combined with all of Ipanema bossa.

Olha que coisa mais linda! ♫ It’s in the bossa of Tom Jobim that MARIAS writes its story. Ipanema welcomes you with open arms so you can work and get inspired at one place. A swing by the beach on lunch break, take a bike ride, enjoy the ladscape of Dois Irmãos, feel the breeze on your face and – yet – stay close to everything you need.

Various options of leisure, besides banks agencies, restaurants and other services. This is Ipanema. Only a few steps away from two subway stations, MARIAS is the perfect oportunity to one who whises to do business.

The first design-office-building of Ipanema.

“To design in Ipanema is always an extra pleasure! Speaking specifically about Marias, it is an office building with all of the sophistication needed in a project of this nature. The edification is separated from the limits, enabling better airing and lightning to the units. A special touch to a building that is the face of Ipanema!”

Inácio Obadia

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Rua Visconde de Pirajá, 529