Amid such beauty... Arbô Ipanema Boutique

Redentor is the name of the street and the combination is warmth, simplicity and sophistication. Located in the charming quadrangle, walking through the streets is always decorated, the day comes to bloom and the night too.

Between bars that overflow concept, restaurants that express several cultures around the world, art galleries that narrate plots, designer stores and jewelry stores that externalize personalitiesand the sophisticated local commerce, life there is practical, light and gentle.

Where nature heals and coziness welcomes.

Made from Rio de Janeiro soul,
Arbô unites Rio de Janeiro lifestyle,
comfort, authorial design,
minimalism, functionality
and sustainability.

Signed by awarded architects and
designers, the project makes you
feel welcome in your home, giving
space to utopias and composing
stories between nature, shapes,
textures and light.

Authenticity, charm, coziness and a place to call home.

and exclusivity.

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Rua Redentor 128