Amid such beauty... Arbô Ipanema Boutique

Redentor is the name of the street and the combination is coziness, simplicity and sophistication.
Located on Ipanema’s “quadrilateral of charm”, the wandering on the streets is always is always nice,
the day blooms and the night too.

Bars overflow with enchant, restaurants reunite different cultures from over the world.
Art galleries tell you stories, designer brands and jewellery stores bring personality to the area.
Life around there is practical, easy and light.

Where nature heals and coziness walcomes.

Made out of carioca soul,
Arbô connects Rio’s lifestyle, comfort,
an original design, minimalism,
functionality and sustainability

Life in this real world masterpiece
awakens the most beautiful emotions.
There, nature is always bright,
paths are filled with memories,
and dawns are full of new possibilities.

Authenticity, charm, coziness and a place to call home.

and exclusivity.

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Rua Redentor 128