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Parque Sustentável da Gávea

Rua Marquês de São Vicente

Parque Sustentável da Gávea

Get ready!

Gávea Sustainable Park: an
unprecedented project in Rio’s
South Zone, open to the public,
that carefully integrates the urban
environment and nature.


A new concept of living well

With landscaping signed by the Burle Marx Office and aimed at preserving nature, the project returns to the neighborhood an area of 25,000 m², with spaces for leisure, sports and contemplation area open to the public.

More than 17,000 m² of forest area will be preserved.

Coming soon...

A sustainable solution of mixed use with residential units and shops that restore life to the region in constructions of up to 4 floors.

Idealization and conception: STX
Realization and construction: Mozak

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Rua Marquês de São Vicente