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Parque Sustentável da Gávea

Rua Marquês de São Vicente

Parque Sustentável da Gávea

Get ready!

Gávea Sustainable Park: an
unprecedented project in Rio’s
South Zone, open to the public,
that carefully integrates the urban
environment and nature.



1, 2 and 3 bedrooms.

Author of the project

Flavio Bassan

Landscaping project

Escritório Burle Marx

Complete recreation area

Swimming pools, gym,
gourmet area,
spaces for contemplation,
spa and kids playground.

Facades and interiors by

Natália Lemos
Manga Rosa
Duda Porto
PKB Arquitetura

Facades and interiors by

Bianca da Hora
Studio Leandro Neves
Hana Lerner
Escala Arquitetura

A new concept of living well

With landscaping signed by the Burle Marx Office and aimed at preserving nature, the project returns to the neighborhood an area of 25,000 m², with spaces for leisure, sports and contemplation area open to the public.

More than 17,000 m² of forest area will be preserved.



Coming soon...

A sustainable solution of mixed use with residential units and shops that restore life to the region in constructions of up to 4 floors.

Idealization and conception: STX
Realization and construction: Mozak

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Rua Marquês de São Vicente