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Av. General San Martin, 156- Leblon


Tropical, like Rio

Local commerce, convenience, transportation.

Everything close, everything easy.

A place with sun, sand and sea.

This is Leblon. This is your home.

One bedroom apartments, on the beach block, close to the two most charming shopping malls in the city.


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A place to live in peace.
Peace not only inside the house.
But inside the chest.
An inner joy that fills and overflows.
The real pleasure of being carioca
and experiencing the beauty of being in the best place.
Rio. Your Rio.

A light project that matches the soul of the Carioca.
Tropí is like that.
Simple and relaxed like the carioca.
Therefore, the plans were designed with light lines.
Fine features that give it the sophistication
and beauty that make Rio’s face.

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Av. General San Martin, 156- Leblon