Mozak uses the
Project Management model

This system, also known as an “at cost price project,” is widely disseminated among small and medium-sized real estate projects because it is considered a fair and transparent method.

In a managed project, the owners of the units are the owners of the business; that is, each one acquires a fraction of the land, proportional to its unit, where the project will be built. It is up to the construction company to manage and execute the building works.

Unlike incorporated projects, in this system there are fewer intermediaries, eliminating bank financing interest and the figure of the developer, generating a substantial enhancement of the investment. The entire relationship period between the client and Mozak involves regular assemblies at which qualified professionals exchange information with the buyers about the progress of the project and budgeting issues.

Mozak guides its clients to ensure that the complete accountability process is monitored by an outside audit firm to guarantee transparency and security for all involved. To this day, every Mozak development delivered has been through the Project Management model.



Support at every stage
of your project's construction schedule

For Mozak, partnership with clients goes far beyond just the buying and selling process. Through a close and transparent relationship, we deliver much more than a real estate property. We deliver the peace of mind and reassurance of having made the best choice.

Our clients are supported by a specialized team, able to guide and offer appropriate suggestions to meet the personal needs of each buyer.

We have developed a relationship program divided into several stages, ranging from the purchase of the property through to the delivery of the keys. It presents all the information with respect to the acquired property efficiently and clearly, in an uncomplicated manner.

See the ten steps of our program below.