The best of Rio de Janeiro's architecture and sophistication

Throughout its 28-year history, Mozak has specialized in launches in the South Zone of Rio, taking on the commitment to build in the region’s best land properties.

Our projects seek to create greater value the neighborhoods in which they are located. In addition to improving urban planning and architectural concepts, they add beauty, security and a sense of wellness for both residents and visitors to the areas.

Our clients cherish excellence and, therefore, choose to purchase a Mozak.

We are proud to combine both quality of life and good future business opportunities in our developments.

We seek, with each new launch, to help make our city even more marvelous.


"Dedication, willpower and the desire to surpass have always been – and will continue to be – our watchwords."

Isaac J. Elehep – President of Mozak


Our company was established in 1994 and, ever since, we have sought quality in every detail. The various awards won by Mozak over the years are a direct reflection of this philosophy. See below:

A three-time winner in the Small-sized Residential Project and once in the L'exclsuif residential category. Winner in the Medium-sized Residential Project and Commercial Development categories

Two-time winner in recognition of good practices in health and safety management.

Recognition for constant attention to the professional quality of its products and services.

Given to business leaders who have contributed to a better society and seek to innovate through technology, highly respecting and disseminating the country's intellectual and moral values.

Engineering Services Supplier category.

For the excellence of the services offered.

Promoted by the Latin American Quality Institute (LAQI-), the largest institution for the development of quality norms and standards in Latin America

By Top of Business Magazine