Mozak’s new corporate building

A project embraced by the sea and the lagoon, inspired by what the carioca knows best: to live.

Exclusive office spaces ranging from 85m² to 515m² across from Shopping Leblon.
Unique business opportunity in the commercial heart of the neighborhood.

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Signed design full of meaning

After the iconic Guilhermina and Centro Empresarial Severiano Ribeiro, the new Mozak venture comes to continue the legacy of success of our commercial projects in Leblon.

A corporate building born of careful curation who gathered a renowned team to sign the project.

Authorial design that thrills and reveals senses, bringing the essence of luxury and the soul of our city.

Changing the meaning of the word routine

In Afrânio Mozak, art takes its leading role in an iconic architecture.

A Corporate Design that presents textures and colors to transform the work and life of those who pass through one of the noblest areas of the city.

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