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Av. Borges de Medeiros, 67 - Leblon


The art of being carioca.

Leblon is about to receive a new Mozak. Surrounded by nature, on the beach, with spacious plants and very few units. Exclusive, as carioca likes.

Open the window and let in
That good breeze
That brings the smell of the sea.
Put on the sandal
And you can smile for nothing.

Watch the project video.

Beach, sand, beautiful people,
Culture and nature all around.
This is all Rio de Janeiro.
it is a privilege of the carioca
that makes anyone in the world jealous.

It is something that is born with them.
A gift.


More than planned, Dom was designed meticulously.
His plans are spacious and they have all the sophistication,
exclusivity and lifestyle of the carioca.

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Av. Borges de Medeiros, 67 - Leblon