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Rua J. Carlos, 101 - Jardim Botânico


A new way of living in Jardim Botânico.

Poetry in the concrete, an invitation to breathe and look around, so is life in Jardim Botânico. Plants and flowers
of gardens adorn the streets.

It is abundance in color form and overflowing nature at every corner. It seems that time has returned and we stroll through an ancient river, a bucolic landscape full of charm.

Apartments of 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedrooms
at J. Carlos Street, 101 – Jardim Botânico




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Inspired by the concept of a house, a home. It brings a constant feeling that everything is familiar and harmonious, in an environment surrounded by life.

It does not look like a building or a neighborhood in an urban city, recalls an old Rio de Janeiro. Surrounded by gardens, the warmth that nature brings to the place is cozy.

In each corner a charm. Nature at your window.

The new respects the old. Here beauty is not obvious, it is in the details, in the discovery, in the mixture, in the interaction with nature.




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Rua J. Carlos, 101 - Jardim Botânico