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Rua Prudente de Morais, 564 - Ipanema


Ipanema is about to receive a new residential development

The good morning wish comes from the sea.

Whispers, wakes up, invites.

Its swing is always new.

Ipanema is music, poetry, breeze.

At every corner, an invitation to the yes:

There’s a lot more than you think

In its dunes and curves.

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The Nove

Nove translates the lightness of the carioca spirit.
Salt and sun heal. Wake the soul
and make the days more complete.
An exclusive development, designed by a
team of experts at each stage of the project.
For you to live the best of Rio, every day.



Comfortable plans, designed to combine requirements
such as space, lighting and thermal comfort.
The project is developed thinking about who will reside,
that is, we consider all the dynamics of everyday life
to deliver the best solution for you.
We work with renowned partners, who value
all the details of the project, delivering
a final product of excellence.


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Rua Prudente de Morais, 564 - Ipanema